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Zorio was born in Andorno Micca in 1944. He graduated from the Accademia Albertina in Turin and first showed his work in 1963 at Turin’s Piccola Galleria d’arte moderna. He held his first solo exhibition in 1967 at the Galleria Sperone in Turin, aligning himself with the first exponents of Arte Povera. His works were dynamic, very similar to his performances. In 1969 he held a solo show at the Sonnabend Gallery in Paris and took part in several group exhibitions.

In 1972 he made his first Giavellotto work and was invited to dOCUMENTA 5 in Kassel. In the 1970s he began to produce compositions of geometric figures dialoguing with ancestral objects. This was the period of the Stelle series. He participated in the Venice Biennale of 1978 and 1980. His Crogioli are from 1981. In both his forms and materials, Zorio reveals the strength and power of experiments and combinations that are able to generate vital energetic tensions.

He has participated in group shows in both Italian and foreign museums, notably the Guggenheim and MoMA in New York (1984). He had his own room at the 1986 Venice Biennale and at dOCUMENTA 9 in 1992 in Kassel. Important monographic shows have been dedicated to him in both Italian and international museums, the latest at the MAMBO in Bologna in 2010. He lives and works in Turin.

Source: Magonza Editore