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Anselmo was born in Borgofranco d’Ivrea (Turin) in 1934. Initially a painter, he later began to explore three-dimensional space, focusing on themes such as “expressing in physical terms the force of an action and the energy of a situation or an event” in relation to the infinite and the invisible (La mia ombra verso l’infinito dalla cima dello Stromboli durante l’alba del 16 agosto 1965), and the contrast between incompatible and opposing materials (Scultura che mangia, 1968). In 1967 he exhibited at the Galleria Sperone, and the following year presented a work in cotton and water as part of Arte Povera + azioni povere at the Arsenali in Amalfi. For the 1969 exhibition When Attitudes Become Form at the Kunsthalle, Berne, he presented Torsione in which emerging lengths of cowhides set fast in a concrete block were twisted as tightly as possible around a wooden pole fixed to a wall. In 1990 he received the Venice Biennale Golden Lion for painting. During the 1970s, the title Infinite recurred in his work. This was not a metaphysical allusion, but one concentrated on tending towards and action, which described works caught forever in the balance between physical and cosmic space as a result of temporal and environmental transformations (Respiro). To the present day, Anselmo investigates tensions linked to energy, magnetic fields, and contrasts that allow the unleashing and portrayal of vitality and tension.