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Artists Marcello Jori



Oil and acrylic on canvas

140 x 138 cm


Born in Merano (Italy) in 1951, he is an italian painter, photographer and writer.

In 1970’s he studied history of art in Bologna, where he met Renato Barilli, who was the curator of his first photographic exhibition in Galleria De’ Foscherari, in 1977.

He held several exhibitions in national and international galleries and museums and he participated at three Venice Biennale, one Paris Biennale and two Rome Quadriennale.

Since the beginning of his career, he led the idea of the total art with a chirurgical work on body and soul of the artist transformed in artworks. He defined the contemporary eclectism of an artist which is clearly reflected in his large use of photography, painting and writing as the essential elements to describe the world.

He is one of the founder of Nuovo Fumetto Italiano, he published articles for Italian and French magazine, he collaborated with many newspaper, Italian artists, many companies and singers.

He is now living and working mainly between Milan and Merano.

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