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  • Ghostop


    Fiberglass, wood, LCD monitor and acrylic paint

    77.6 x 71.2 x 6.4 cm

  • Grav


    Video installation and fiberglass sculpture

    125 x 115 x 110 cm

Tony Oursler ( B. 1957 ) is an American artist known for his multimedia works, its installations and its performances.

He studied at the California Institute of the Arts where he graduated in 1979. During his career he has worked with Constance DeJong, Tony Conrad and Dan Graham and Sonic Youth.

Since its inception, he is interested in video. Multimedia works, that made his renown, are videos that are projected in three dimensions, often on spherical surfaces, which accentuate the expressiveness of the subject: a face in the act of speaking, to observe or yell. Combining sculpture, multimedia projections and recordings of the human voice, Oursler looks for an interaction with the audience and the animation of psychological and philosophical concepts in a dreamlike space: great attention is given to light (see for example his Streetlight installation of Optics 1997 or 1999, which examined the polarity of light through a dark room).