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Franca Sonnino was born and lives in Rome. After graduating in literature, in the early ‘70s she began her artistic career devoting herself to painting. With this purpose in mind she asks the artist Maria Lai, at the time her neighbor, to give her drawing lessons. Lai will soon become her artistic guidance and a close friend. Sonnino’s works of those years are dense reticles, multitudes of painted lines, whose deep impulse is born from intimate poetic theorems rather than from Euclidean models. The thread, already present as the subject of her paintings, will soon become a privileged medium in Sonnino’s art, permanently replacing the brush from the end of the ‘70s. The artist, with cotton thread draws around a piece of wire, outlines the contours of objects in space, simulating the third dimension. She outlined such imaginative bookcases provocatively arranged on walls, with plays of shadows on books of air. She also creates loose volumes and detached sheets, knitted, alluding cryptically, with thread, to writing. Since 1973, she has regularly exhibited in galleries and museums in Italy and abroad. In February 2019 the Textile Museum of Busto Arsizio dedicated to her and Maria Lai the exhibition “Maria Lai and Franca Sonnino Masterpieces of Italian fiber art”.