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  • Spiral Jetty


    Modern Print stampa lambda montato su dbond

    100,6 x 147 cm

    Gorgoni's photograph of Robert Smithson work

Gianfranco Gorgoni was born in Rome in 1941, he devoted himself entirely to photography.

Along with other photographers he joined the Contact Agency in 1976 and began his career as an international photo-journalist. He travelled and worked for heavy weights, Times, Life, Newsweek and New York Times making Cover stories on the areas most at risk: Iran, Iraq, Nicaragua, Lebanon, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Faulkland Islands, Japan and China. Visiting Mexico, he decided to fly to Cuba for the celebration of May 1st, in 1980. A love at first sight led him to return to this land many times over the years. This ‘forbidden love affair’ with the country and its people, would come together in a published book titled, “Cuba Mi Amor”, 1985 with a preface written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and text by Fidel Castro.

He currently divides his time between Harlem, New York and Bomba, Abruzzo.