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Kiarostami & Neshat

Repetto Gallery is delighted to announce you the exhibition I have come along with the wind – Kiarostami and Neshat’s photographs.

Abbas Kiarostami (Teheran 1940) and Shirin Neshat (Qazvin 1957), are both Iranian and bonded to the world of cinema and photography. They are like noble Persian plants, which have been able to make their branches flourishing from their deep archaic roots, across a limitless universal sky. About thirty photographs, from 1994 to 2014, testify their extensive path, sometimes through a more intimate and naturalistic overtone (Kiarostami), some others through anthropomorphic visions, steeped in questions and denunciation (Neshat); sometimes through rainy and poetic landscapes, almost informal, some others through faces, written hands, like a thick and gentle invocation.

As such, their images start from the Islamic world, setting the grace of women’s universe against the brutality of terrorism and the pureness of nature and children against the tough reality constraints. Through these images, they have been able to testify the great ambiguity and the infinite richness of the world.