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Works by Antonio Biasiucci, Alberto Burri, Pierpaolo Calzolari, Daniele De Lonti, Walter De Maria, Olafur Eliasson, Hamish Fulton, Mario Giacomelli, Frank Gohlke, Andy Goldsworthy, Michael Heizer, Richard Long, Tancredi Mangano, Ana Mendieta, Giuseppe Penone

Repetto Gallery with this new exhibition would like to focus the attention on a different group of artists, linked with the same need of going back to the origins and to the nature. They wanted to restart the direct and simple relationship with the land, the water, the mountain.

In this way, these artists have dedicated most of their work to the return of the land. Biasucci with his dramatic volcano craters; Burri with his famous and elegant cretti; Calzolari with his sali inspired by the drapery of Efebo di Mozia; De Maria with his conceptual lines drawn on the desert; Eliasson with his melancholy of indented and yellow horizons; Giacomelli with the scars of his hills; Goldsworthy with his arabesque of leaves, snow, stones and land; Heizer with his love for the desert; Mendieta with the imprint of his body, land and dust already.