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  • Matter revealed – Arcangelo Sassolino

    Wall Street International featured our exhibition Matter revealed - Arcangelo Sassolino, in their art section. Published on wsimag.com.

    View article here.

  • In Profile: Bruno Munari

    An article by Vincenzo Latronico regarding the exhibition Bruno Munari - Total Artist at Museo Ettore Fico, Turin. Published on frieze.com

    View article here.

  • Bruno Munari – Total artist

    Museo Ettore Fico, Turin

    Repetto Gallery is glad to invite you to visit the exhibition Bruno Munari - Total artist at the Museo Ettore Fico in Turin. The exhibition supports the versatile and creative activity of Bruno Munari (Milan, 1907-1998). Around 480 works, from late 20's to 90's, will be shown, highlighting the originality of his experimentation and his multiform research. The exhibition and the catalogue are curated by Claudio Cerritelli. The catalogue is edited by Corraini Editore.

    For more information please click here.

  • The Royal Academy of Arts Launches The Mayfair And ST. James’s Map

    Repetto Gallery is pleased to be part of The Mayfair and St. James's map: "The Royal Academy of Arts today launched the Mayfair and St. James’s Map. The complimentary map highlights the area of Mayfair and St. James’s, one of the oldest and most important arts quarters in the world. From the south of St. James’s between Pall Mall and Piccadilly to the north of New Bond Street, the area is home to internationally renowned auction houses and leading art galleries as well as the Royal Academy of Arts' (courtesy of Royal Academy of Art - Press Release)

    View press release here. Download map here.

  • Armonia Del Bianco

    L’armonia del bianco

    Baite, Les Maisons de Judith - Pra Sec, Val Ferret, Courmayeur

    Repetto Gallery is pleased to contribute to the exhibition "L'armonia del Bianco", in collaboration with Art Mont Blanc and FAI. The show will open Saturday 23th of July and last until the 28th of August. On display works by Bruno Munari and Giulio Paolini amongst others.

    For more information please click here.

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